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Robe is for...

10 July
Well, well, well, I guess it is time to this profile to be refresh, so let's start again, I'm a french girl, trying so hard to make any mistake in english but hey nobody's perfect! I'm 19 (a big old lady, oh well maybe not yet!), and I really love create icons, even if there are not perfect, I also like watch icons from another people, I think I'm a litle bit obbsessed by icons sometimes and the way people made it, some are so great! anyway...


I'm also obsessed by TV shows, more specifically Supernatural, I love it, I love it, I love it, I think this is the only TV show who drive me crazy everytime a new episode comes in! but hey I didn't make icons from this show because first another people made it better than I could do and find a coloring for it, is soooo difficult! ekk! bref I also like grey's anatomy, house etc...I'm a really big fan of Disney, those 'dessins animés' are brilliant. and the last and not the least, video games are loove, especially final fantasy well what can I say about this extraordinairy video games !! well this is extraordinairy ! haha

Well this is now a personal journal!!=)